Quick Reference Guide for Macintosh

Quick Reference Guide
How to create a Calendar meeting
For Mac

1) Login to calendar

2) Click on the Icon circled below to create a new meeting

3) New Meeting screen will show a Title and location in the upper portion of the screen. a) Title put in a short subject, for a class, the name of the class b) Location Building and room number
4) Date a) Date - is the first date of the meeting or class b) Start time – when is the meeting or class to start c) End time – when is the meeting or class over d) Duration – this will show the length of the meeting or class
5) At this point clicking OK will create a basic meeting. For additional features such as making the meeting repeating, tying a resource such as a classroom to a meeting, and checking for meeting conflicts. Please continue

6) To add additional people or resources (classrooms) click on the spy glass circled above
7) To add people to the meeting Type in their Surname (Last name) and click on Search. In the bottom left window a list of all matches will be seen. Select the correct person by clicking once on the name then move it to the right window by clicking on the ADD button. Once all the individuals are added click the OK button
8) To add a Resource, such as room, click on the Resource tab. In the Resource Name type in the first few characters of the resource. These are setup with either the building abbreviation, such as RSL for Russell or the department identifier, such as ITS. Click on Search to activate the selection. The search results will be listed in the left side window. Select one by clicking once on it then press the add button to move it to the right window. Then press OK

9) The New Meeting will return with the people and resources added below your name. If this is not to a repeating meeting press OK, these people and resources will have this meeting added to their calendars.
10) To add additional dates that is not sequenced press Add Date button and selects the date from the calendar that appears.

11) To add reoccurring dates click on the Repeating button a) Screen below will show b) Set the frequency, Default is weekly
1.) If this happens every week leave “1” in weeks, if every other week then place in this cell.
2.) Check which days of the week this meeting occurs c) On Start dates place the starting date d) Either place an End date or how many weeks this meeting is to be repeated e) Holidays will not be included in the listing unless the box is checked. f) Click “OK” once the dates are generated

12) Conflicts should be checked by clicking in the “Check Conflicts” Button
13)    Conflicts will be shown with a yellow “!” on the meeting line as shown below

14) To find out the nature of the conflict click on the yellow “!” to see the below screen.
a) Left side tells the Resource/Individual that as the conflict. b) Right side shows the title that is the conflict. c) Click “OK” to clear window
NOTE: When scheduling individual calendars conflicts can exists (double appoints or overlapping ones); however, Resources can not have conflicts (calendar does not allow overlap booking of rooms and equipment)
15) Click “OK”, the repeating meeting will be placed in the appropriate calendars and the system will ask if you need a email notification needs to be sent.

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