Requesting Email Accounts For New Employees

  1. All new employees should first create a University ID here:  
  2. New employees will automatically have an email account created for them 7 days before their official start date at UNI.  If a new employee already has an active account from being a UNI student, they will need to email to have their email address changed to the format.
  3. If an email account is required in advance of the new employee's start date, the hiring department must contact or use the JW14 transaction to request early access.
  4. If the individual wants their email alias to be different than firstname.lastname (e.g., Tom.Smith instead of Thomas.Smith) make that request directly via email to
  5. If an individual wants access to web space or a blog, they need to complete a Computer Account Application and send or bring the application to the Computer Consulting Center, 36 ITTC, Campus Mail Code 0522. Forms are available in the Computer Consulting Center.
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