Full Manual Setup of Thunderbird for UNI Email

Configuring Thunderbird Settings

After installing the latest Thunderbird software from http://www.uni.edu/its/us/software

Launch the c:\Program Files\Thunderbird.exe program and configure Thunderbird Settings


Step 1 – Setup Email Account:

New Account Set up


Step 2:



Step 3:

***NOTE*** - DO NOT USE "mail.uni.edu" for servers

use incoming server of: imap.gmail.com

use outgoing server of:  smtp.gmail.com

Server Information


Step 4:

User Names given by Email Provider


Step 5:

Name you'll like to Refer to this Account


Step 6:

Congratulations and Verification of Info

Mai Server Password Requirement


Step 7:

Welcome to Mozilla Thunderbird


Step 8:

Server Settings


Step 9:

Account Settings for Copies & Folders


Step 10:

Addressing & Composition


Step 11 – Add UNI Directory for Email and Telephone Number Lookup:

Addressing & Composition

LDAP Directory Server

Directory Server Properties

Addressing & Composition


Step 12: Prior to this make an Email folder within your My Documents folder (makes it easy to backup)

Account Settings


Step 13: Click on Outgoing Server (SMTP) Highlight the Outgoing Server then click Edit

Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings


Step 14: Make SMTP secure and authenticated

SMTP Server


Click ‘OK’ and then go to the ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Options’.


Step 15:



Uncheck the box so that the Thunderbird Start Page is not shown.


Step 16:


Sending Options in HTML


Step 17:


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