Convert DVs/mini DVs to digital file

  1. Bring in your Mini-DV tape with the camcorder you originally recorded on or your DV tape.
  2. Insert your Mini-DV tape into the camcorder or your DV tape into a DV Deck.
  3. Rewind Mini-DV tape or DV tape to the desired location.
  4. Connect your camcorder to a computer via firewire.
  5. Open Sony Vegas Pro.
  6. Choose your desired settings, make sure you are in NTSC format.
  7. Select File < Capture Video, check the desired video capture format.
  8. Choose your desired save location by choosing Options < Preferences.  Select the Disk Management tab.  Click the Add Folder icon and select the file location you wish to save the captured video file.  Be sure that only your folder is selected in the list of locations.
  9. Click Capture Video and the Play button.  Let the video play to the desired location.
  10. When finished, click the Stop button.  Close the Video Capture window.
  11. Drag your newly captured file from the Project Media tab into the timeline.
  12. Choose File < Render.  Select the desired media format and choose your save location.  Click Save.
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