Connecting Chromebook to UNI Network (802.1x)

Update April 10, 2014 :

After the most recent Chromebook Operating System update connecting to UNI-WiFi network appears to be working well and is no longer difficult to connect.

  Version is 34.0.1847.118
  Platform 5500.100.0 (Official Build) stable-channel daisy
  Firmware Google_Snow 2695.117.0

Update January 2014: Many chromebooks can no longer attach to the UNI-WiFi network and a fix from Google to their Chrome operating system is anticipated around May 2014. Therefore, your chromebook may, or may not, attach using the instructions below.


A Chromebook is a bit difficult to connect to UNI’s campus network. Let’s step through what we have found to be a workaround for this:


1)                  ***NOTE*** - If you are starting with a fresh out of the box Chromebook on the UNI Campus but you must initially log into your Chromebook as a “Guest” rather than with your UNI account.  This is essential as the first thing the Chromebook will automatically do is update its operating system.

2)                  Click on the wireless icon

3)                  On all networks uncheck automatically connect except for WiFi-UNI

4)                  Select WiFi-UNI with the proper settings and credentials and SAVE them:

  a.      SSID:                                      WiFi-UNI
  b.      EAP Method:                          PEAP
  c.      Phase 2 authentication:          MSCHAPv2 
  d.      Server CA certificate:             Default
  e.      User certificate:                      None installed
  f.       Identity:                                  <Your CatID Username> 
  g.      Password:                              <Your CatID Passphrase>
  h.      Anonymous identify:              intentionally leave blank
  i.       Check                                    Save your identity and password

5)                  Connect Repeatedly until it finally connects

6)                  Once the Chromebook successfully connects to WiFi-UNI then if you had initially logged in as “Guest” you will want to log out and then log in using your UNI credentials

When / If the Chromebook does not connect:

7)                  Check the box to make WiFi-UNI an automatically connect network (do NOT make WiFi-UNI-Setup or UNI-Guest automatic connections)

8)                  Click Connect to WiFi-UNI

9)                  Let it attempt to connect repeatedly until it finally connects, during this time you likely will receive DHCP Lookup Failure errors that you should ignore.  Those errors are actually a good sign however as it demonstrates it is trying to connect.

Let the Chromebook keep attempting to connect to WiFi-UNI and eventually it will assuming the credentials and configuration are correct.  Sometimes it will connect immediately and more often it will connect in 10-20 minutes so keep trying.

The "trick" seems to be to keep the Chromebook from connecting to other networks and eventually it will connect to WiFi-UNI.  It may take several (over many minutes) iterations but it will connect.  After it finally gets connected subsequent connections seem to be more readily done and because WiFi-UNI is the only UNI automatically connect network and your credentials are stored it is manageable.  If you need assistance come to the ITC Computer Consulting Center in the ITTC building room 36 (just north of the Library).

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