Moving Thunderbird Local Folders to Google Email in the Cloud

1)     This step in Thunderbird is CRITICAL so that you reduce the file space used locally and on any backups:

         a) Tools / Account Settings / Synchronization & Storage

         b) uncheck "Keep message for this account on this computer" box

         c) Save

         d) delete the contents of the Server Local Storage location (get help with this step if necessary)

(i.e. C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\542kjno2.default\ImapMail\

2)      Drag then drop a folder from under your Local Folders onto your Google Account name (just above the Inbox)

3)      Wait patiently for it to copy that folder and its contents from your hard drive to the cloud

4)      Watch progress in the bottom left corner of Thunderbird until 100% completed

5)      After the copy is successfully made to the cloud, right-mouse-click on the Local Folder folder that you just copied and rename the that Local Folder to have an "x" in front the the name (i.e. xfoldername).  Repeat until all folders have been copied to the cloud.  We recommend this so you know NOT to place any new items in that folder and also that should you get interrupted, or if have to do this over multiple days, you can start up from where you left off (folders that don't start with "x") plus you have a backup copy of the original folder for "awhile" but remember to do the next step soon if not now.

6)     After "awhile" goes by (a day or a week or so) you need to:

         a) delete these xfoldernames as that will gain back the local disk space plus reduce our backup needs

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