Setting Up Your University-Owned iPad

All university-owned iPads should be associated with a departmental email account. Because all apps purchased will be associated with a specific iTunes account, it is recommended that you create a departmental/generic email account to associate with the iTunes account. If the ownership of the device changes, the apps will not have to be repurchased. This also helps separate apps purchased with personal iTunes accounts from apps purchased by the university. Contact your tech support person or Nick Frerichs to get a departmental email account created. Once the departmental email account has been created, you can proceed with setting up a university iTunes account.

  1. Once the email account has been set up, install iTunes on the computer you will be using to set up the device (do not plug in the device yet)
  2. Open iTunes and click on the apps drop down in the top-middle of the screen
    IMPORTANT: Click get free apps (by doing this you will have the option of creating an iTunes account WITHOUT having to enter a credit card)
  3. Choose any free app
  4. It will take you to the iTunes login screen where you can create your new account; however you will notice that because you are trying to buy a free app, there is going to be a "None" option for payment type.
  5. Finishing setting up the account and it will want you to verify the email address associated with the account.

Note: You can sync up to five iTunes account to each device.

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