Delegating Email Access in Gmail

For administrative assistants and departmental accounts.

An account/user can specify up to 25 users who are able to read, send, and delete messages on their behalf.  Follow the instructions below to grant access to the account and to access the account as a delegate.


While logged in as the account you want to share access to:

  1. Under the “Accounts” tab in “Mail settings” use the "Grant access to your account" section.
  2. The delegate will receive a verification email explaining that they've been granted access.
  3. After the delegate confirms the request, it can take 30 minutes for the process to complete and they may need to sign out and back in to their account. 

To see who has delegate access to an account or to take away access, browse to the “Accounts” tab, and use the "Grant access to your account" section.

In the meantime, enable multiple sign-in so delegated users can see the account in the "switch account" dropdown.

  1. While still logged into Gmail with the accout, click on at the top right and choose "Account settings".
  2. Make sure "Multiple sign-in" is set to On.


While logged in as the user who has been granted access:

Once the verification is complete, here's how to access the other account as a delegate:

  1. Click on your address at the top right, in the drop down menu click "switch account".
  2. Click on the other account listed with (delegated) next to it.  

You can also right-mouse-click and open this account in a new tab or window, so both accounts can be up at the same time.


Things a delegate can do:

- Manage and send email just as you can when logged into the account

- Access the following tabs in Mail Settings with access to change anything in these sections:

    General, Labels, Filters, Forwarding and POP/IMAP, Web Clips, Inbox

Most of these are cosmetic changes to the web interface with these exceptions:

  - Vacation responder

  - Signature

  - Add a forwarding address and forward email

  - Manage POP/IMAP settings

  - Filters and labels to manage email

  - Manage contacts

Things a delegate cannot do:

- Manage Labs that add-on functionality to the web interface

- Manage the Accounts tab: Password settings, send mail as, check other accounts via POP3, Grant access to another accounts

- Use the built in chat client or manage chat settings

- Change Themes

- Use any apps other than email

Other notes:

When sending an email, the email will appear to come from the primary account but will indicated sent by the delegated user as:

From (sent by

If the recipient clicks reply, the reply is addressed to

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