How is password security handled with Google?

There are two ways to access your Google account, both are secure.

1. Clicking the email link on the UNI home page. In this case, you will be presented with UNI's CatID page, just like when logging into MyUNIverse.  Google receives an answer from UNI as to whether or not you were logged-in successfully. No exchange of your  passphrase is done.

2. You can also access UNI Gmail via mobile device or IMAP client such as Thunderbird or Outlook. In this case, your actual passphrase is never stored by Google. Your passphrase is processed by a complex mathematical formula (hashed) and the result is sent to Google. When your mobile device logs in to Google's servers, your passphrase is processed by the same formula and the result is compared with the hashed passphrase stored there. Google never stores your actual passphrase.

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