Access Your Student File Space From Your Own Computer

ITS provides all UNI students with a network Student File Space of 2GB for access on and off campus. You can use this storage space for documents, files, email, and anything that pertains to your school work here at UNI.

When you are on campus, you can access this space from any Student Computer Center and many college computer labs by logging on with your Active Directory user name and password and then looking for your R: drive in the drives listing for that computer. This R: drive will follow you across all Student Computer Center computers and will always be available.

You can also access your files and folders from your own computer using a web browser or by mounting your storage space to your computer as if it was attached like a USB hard drive. To get started, pick from the following scenarios and then follow the resulting set of instructions to start accessing your Student File Space in no time.

1. On a Windows-based computer (Windows XP, Vista, or 7)

2. On a Mac OS X-based computer

3. From any computer with internet and a web browser

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