Mount Your Student File Space In Mac OS X

NOTE: This method currently gives you read access to your Student File Space in Mac OS X Finder and read/write access to your Student File Space via the Save As functionality of many Mac OS X applications. This bug is being worked on currently by ITS.

You can mount your Student File Space storage in Mac OS X as a network drive that allows you to read your files through Mac OS X's Finder. You are also able to save to the storage space once mounted from many applications from within Mac OS X such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint 2011.

Follow these steps to get started:

1. In your Mac OS X's menu bar across the top of your screen, click on Go and select Connect to Server... from the resulting menu (or simply hit Command-K on your keyboard).

2. In the resulting dialog box, type in to the Server Address field (where USERNAME is your CatID user name). Then click Connect.

3. You'll be prompted for your user name and password. Type your CatID user name into the Name field and your passphrase into the Password field. Ensure Registered User is selected and then click Connect.

4.  A few seconds later, your Student File Space will appear. You can create folders, rename existing files, or copy current files to your local computer. At the current time, you cannot drag and drop new files into the storage space. This is a bug and is being worked on by ITS. However, you CAN save files to your storage space directly from within various Mac OS X applications like Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, or Excel 2011.

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