Information Technology Services

Voice Services

 Rate Sheet

(Effective 07/01/10)

Administrative Voice Products/Services


SERVICE             DESCRIPTION             MONTHLY         

Dial Tone                    Live Jack (Fax, Modem, etc.)       $ 16

                                    (No VM, No Telephone Set)

 Residence Halls          Dial Tone & VM                           $ 22

                                    (For Admin Use)

8102 Analog*             Dial Tone/VM/8102 Set                $ 21


 8110 Analog*             Dial Tone/VM/8110w spkrphn    $ 22


 Bridged Analog          Switch-port Dial Tone on more    $ 16 base  

                                    than one jack, sharing one

                                    extension number. For EACH

                                    service on the shared line, add

                                    the following appropriate fees:

                                     Tel Set - 8102=$2 / 8110=$3

                                    VM box = $3


8403   Digital              Dial Tone/VM/8403-1way spkr   $ 21           

                                    (Discontinued—No New Installs)

 8410D Digital             Dial Tone/VM/8410wspkrphn/    $ 28           

                                    with display/10-button

8411D Digital             Dial Tone/VM/8411wspkrphn/     $ 30

                                    with display/analog “soft” jack

                                    in back/10-button

  8434D Digital             Dial Tone/VM/8434wspkrphn/     $ 37

                                    with display/34-button


6408D Digital*           Dial Tone/VM/6408wspkrphn/     $ 25

                                    with display/8-button


6416D Digital             Dial Tone/VM/speakerphone/       $ 28          



6424D Digital             Dial Tone/VM/speakerphone/       $ 32          


XM-24 Digital           Add-on Module for 6416/6424     $ 09         


 4610 IP-Phone         Dial Tone/VM/Speakerphone/      $ 25


4620 IP-Phone          Dial Tone/VM/Speakerphone/      $ 28          

4621 IP-Phone          Large Interactive Display


 9620 IP-Phone         Dial Tone/VM/Speakerphone/      $ TBD

                                   Interactive Display/20-button



9630 IP-Phone        Dial Tone/VM/Speakerphone       $ TBD

                                    Large Interactive Display


 * UNI’s Base Analog or Digital Telephone Set



EC500 (Extension-to-Cellular) is a service which allows calls to a UNI digital or IP extension to be extended-out to a digital cellphone, providing mobility and convenience to the user. Calls are essentially “bridged” onto the desk telephone extension and the cellphone, so EC500 calls can be extended back-and-forth between the extension and cellphone, providing further flexibility and convenience. With the “special application” EC500, staff who are essentially fully mobile in their duties can utilize a virtual UNI extension, without an actual desk telephone. Additional unified communications (UC) applications will be rolled-out in the future. 


SERVICE             DESCRIPTION             MONTHLY         


EC500                         Extend Digital Telephone             $ 05 (add’l to monthly set rate)

                                    Extension to Digital Cellphone


EC500SA                    Extend Virtual Digital Telephone$ 16

                                    Extension to Digital Cellphone

                                    (no hard phone set-special app)                     



While included in all administrative telephone packages, we provide the individual component pricing for a voice mailbox, as well as pricing for additional mailbox capacity.


SERVICE             DESCRIPTION             MONTHLY         

Voice Mailbox            15-Minutes Storage                       $ 03

                                    (Usually incl. in base handset)

Add’l Mailbox                        15-Minutes Storage                       $ 03

Enhanced Mailbox      30-Minutes Storage                       $ 03 add’l



Automated Attendant (AA) applications include routing trees to process calls to appropriate extension and information lines which provide pre-recorded messages to callers, and forms capabilities used to collect specified information.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) applications include automatically answering calls, providing a delay announcement, placing calls on hold, providing delay announcements, and routing calls to the first available extension in a hunt group.

Quite often an AA will front-end an ACD, or an ACD may include an option that sends callers to an AA. 0


AA/ACD                      1 – 3 Options                                    $  25                                 $ 10

AA/ACD                      4 – 6 Options                                    $  50                                 $ 20

AA/ACD                      7-10 Options                         $100                                 $ 30

AA/ACD                      > 10 Options                         $ TB Negotiated              $TBN

Information Only/Announcement Mailbox                                                         $ 03



DESCRIPTION                                                             CHARGE

Install/Reactivation of Service – One-time Admin Fee          $ 35

Install/Reactivation of Service – Technician Fee                    $ 50/hr + materials

Moves/Changes (Not Requiring a Technician)                       $ No Charge

Moves/Changes (Requiring a Technician)                              $ 50/hr + materials

Disconnect Service                                                                 $ No Charge

Repairs (where damage caused by customer)                         $ 50/hr + materials

Cable/Wire Installation                                                           $ 50/hr + materials



Telephone extensions on the UNI telecom system include an outbound conferencing feature (3-party for analog extensions; 6-party for digital extensions). The only additional cost in using this feature is any outbound long distance charges that may be incurred.

UNI also offers a “meet-me” conferencing service, with both 6-party bridges and a 50-party bridge that can be segmented into smaller bridges. As noted below, the only direct fee related to meet-me conferencing for a department is assessed only if a toll free number is offered conference participants (otherwise, callers are responsible for any long distance fees they incur for dialing into the conference bridge).

SERVICE             DESCRIPTION             FEES

3-Party –Phone           Analog Set Feature                 Normal LD Charges

6-Party-Phone             Digital Set Feature                  Normal LD Charges

6-Party Meet-Me         Virtual Conference Bridge     Non-Toll Free—Caller Pays LD

6 Party Meet-Me         Virtual Conference Bridge     Toll Free—ICN Rates ($.04/min)

50-Party Meet-Me       Virtual Conference Bridge     Caller Pays LD/Toll Free



To facilitate quality audio for group participation in conference calls, webinars, etc., robust audioconferencing units are available for loan-out at no charge.

SERVICE                   DESCRIPTION                     FEES  

Polycom                      Soundstation VTX 1000         3 Available for Free Loan-Out

                                    w ext mics (analog)

                                    Adjunct Woofer                      3 Available for Free Loan-Out

Polycom                      Voice Station 100 (analog)     1 Available for Free Loan-Out

                                    Office/Very Small Conf Rm

Polycom                      2490 Digital Unit w mics        3 Available for Free Loan-Out

Polycom                      W-2 Cordless Unit                  2 Available for Free Loan-Out

                                    (Analog or cellphone)

Polycom                      IP-7000 Unit                           1 Available for Free Loan-Out