Academic Groups for Classes

A Google group is created for each class section of the current semester.  Google groups are email mailing lists which allow you and your students to communicate via email messages as well as share documents and calendars.

Emailing your class group

You do not need to use the Google groups web interface to communicate with your class unless you choose to.  You can simply send email to the class email address as you have with mailing lists in the past.  The formula for a class email address is, substitute your course information as follows:

SUBJECT - Course subject as listed in the SIS.  (Examples: ACCT, ARTHIST, ELEMECML, MATH)
1000 - Course number
01 - Course section
fall - Course term

 For example, the email address for Accounting 1000 section 1 would be:

To view your class groups via the web interface, log into your UNI email account at and click on the "Groups" link at the top of the page.

Enabling student participation
By default, class Google groups are created "announcement-only" and only the primary instructor is allowed to email or share items with the group.  If you would like to allow your students to participate as well, here are instructions on expanding your group's permissions:

Class group memberships are synchronized nightly
Group membership is updated nightly with the current roster stored in the Student Information System (SIS).  This means you cannot add or remove addresses to/from your group. Students inquiring about adding a non-UNI email address to the group should be instructed to configure their UNI email account to forward to the non-UNI address.  If there is a special need to add an address not in the SIS or add another instructor to your group, please contact