UNI Network Topology Migration

Start Date: 
November, 2011

Our UNI campus network, which spans every academic building on campus, is migrating to a new network topology. This change is being driven by several factors chiefly the scheduled demolition of Baker hall, which is currently the center of our fiber topology. This migration will free scarce IP addresses to enable our next generation network refresh designed to improve network performance, reliability and security. The first phase of the project is to coordinate the subdivision of the UNI campus subnet. In conjunction with the subdivision we will coordinate migration of devices in the lower half as well as assign a new gateway address and subnet mask to all campus network devices. The second phase involves migrating campus buildings to dedicated subnets begins in May '12. In conjunction with these efforts ITS is installing and migrating to a new fiber plant, in preparation for the Baker demolition. Additional details and resources concerning the project can be found on the ITS Network Engineering support site. All buildings have been migrated with the exception of one special network which spans multiple buildings.