E-mail Distribution Guidelines

Mailing lists are created on a regular basis, currently weekly, from the University of Northern Iowa’s administrative database. As such, any individual’s inclusion in these lists is not subject to removal by request. The lists include all University staff and graduate assistants with e-mail addresses.

  1. Access to address these lists shall not be available without oversight (moderation).
  2. The moderator of these lists shall be postmaster@uni.edu
  3. The moderator will forward appropriate postings so that the message appears to come from the original sender. However, the final appearance of messages is under the control of the receiving client, which may not reflect this effort.
  4. If a posting is denied, the appeal process shall be made to the Director of ITS-Network Services. Resolution will be made in consultation with the potential poster’s supervisor. This decision will be final.
  5. Administrative e-mail distribution list services exist primarily for the preparation and distribution of materials, the content of which is to relate to the official business of the University. Official business materials are those dealing with some aspect of the University's operation which can be defined as being essential to the instructional, research, and community service programs and activities of the institution as differentiated from private business or personal mail. Administrative e-mail distribution list services, according to the State Board of Regents, State, and Federal regulations, are not to be used for commercial purposes nor the preparation and/or dissemination of statements in behalf of a political campaign or candidate.

Links to UNI lists:

  1. by Building (http://www.uni.edu/its/ns/mailserv/building.shtml)
  2. by Department (http://www.uni.edu/its/ns/mailserv/department.shtml)
  3. by Position classification (http://www.uni.edu/its/ns/mailserv/position.shtml)



Approved by PPCIT August 28, 1998