Connect to WiFi-UNI

You must know your Cat-ID passphrase to use WiFi-UNI


1) Connect to the wireless network: WiFi-UNI

2) When prompted, enter your computer lab login username and passphrase

3) You should automatically connect to WiFi-UNI

If the above fails then, Alternative Setup Using WiFi-UNI-Setup:

1)      Go to your wireless networks and select WiFi-UNI-Setup and wait for status of “connected”

Open a web browser and the XpressConnect page will open up. (If the page does not open up try typing in and press enter)

2)      On the XpressConnect page read the policies and check the “I accept the terms of the Acceptable Use Policies, then press the “start” button.

3)      Follow the on screen guide to download the XpressConnect application and run the program.

4)      XpressConnect will pop up in a new window and it will ask for your “CatID passphrase” login information. Enter your username and the Computer Lab & WiFi passphrase.

5)      Click continue once you have entered your correct passphrase and follow the on screen guide.  Click yes to all related pop ups.

If you still don’t connect successfully, get assistance at the Computer Consulting Center in ITTC 36.

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