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Professional and Scientific Council web site is live!

The Production House is pleased to announce that the Professional and Scientific Council redesigned web site is now live. The web site was redesigned as a Drupal site in accordance with the UNI web policies. Please visit the web site at it's new URL

University cable TV service now provided by Mediacom

Due to a new contract, the University Residence Halls and Academic Cable systems have changed from television programming provided by Cedar Falls Utilities to programming provided by Mediacom.

This change occurred Friday, July 30. You need to rescan for the new programming on your television. Questions related to this change can be directed to Dennis Reimer.

Win2000 & XP SP2 computers lose support in one week

One server and 36 client devices are still running Windows 2000 or XP SP2 in Active Directory.  July 13 is the last day these machines will have a supported operating system.  They need to be updated ASAP, or if they're no longer in use, their account should be deleted AD.

Contact Seth Bokelman for more info.

Having a problem accessing content?

Trying to access content using a URL from the old ITS website? The information architecture of the new ITS website is drastically different than the old one. Please submit the URL of the content you were trying to access, and we will attempt to redirect future requests to the right place.

Production House - Summer Hours

The Production House is open 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday for the summer. You can use The Production House for editing webpages, tweaking your video, making a pod cast, and more. We are in the ITTC building room 108. Come see us for all your multimedia needs.

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