ITTC server room outage

Scheduled for: 
March 15, 2011 - 11:00am - 5:00pm

UPDATE: Due to unforseen circumstances, the server room will be shut down at 11am.

There are two issues in the ITTC 128 server room that will require the shutdown of all servers and power located in that room, Tuesday March 15, 2011 beginning at 1 PM. The maintenance window will be scheduled for 4 hours.

All system administrators have been notified prior to this email and were involved in the planning of the date and time of this outage.

The two issues that have to be addressed are:


Issue 1 - Air conditioning system to repair the glycol lines and to repair air conditioning unit 2.

Issue 2 – Repair electrical equipment located in one of the main circuit panels feeding the server room.


The maintenance will be Spring Break, Tuesday March 15, 2011 beginning at 1 PM for the maintenance window to take down power for the ITTC server room. This will require all systems to be powered down due to the proposed length of time needed to do repairs.

Most servers that are located in this server room serve a lot of Academic projects affecting those projects and those system administrators have already contacted their constituents.

Here are a list of services that will be down that will have a wider campus impact:

CNS hosted email and websites inText>Computer Science student server (student.cs)
CNS hosted software licenses
CNS hosted printing (labs should be okay)
CNS Faculty network storage (Windows Z drive, Pandora)

ITS-ET production storage for media content
Streaming Media services (KUNI, KHKE, and all streaming content from media servers)

CSBS Geography NAS

Please call me if you have any questions.

Thank you for the opportunity,

Rick Seeley
Manager, Instructional Technology Research and Development
Information Technology Services
120 ITTC
Cedar Falls, IA 50614

Rick Seeley

More information

If you need additional assistance please contact the Computer Consulting Center (CCC) at (319) 273-5555. The CCC is located in Room 36 ITTC Building (East Gym).