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StrengthsQuest Request

Request StrengthsQuest
The StrengthsQuest assessment helps identify natural talents. Knowing one’s talents allows individuals to build on them, turning them into strengths that can help achieve academic, career, and personal success. After you submit your request you will receive a follow up, typically within a few business days. If you have any difficulty filling out the form or if you have questions about StrengthsQuest, contact the Student Involvement Center at 273-2683.

Individual Requests for StrengthsQuest:
StrengthsQuest has a cost of $10 for an access code and includes the opportunity to speak with a trained specialist about your results. Acceptable forms of payment include cash or check. Visit the Student Involvement Center between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm to purchase the access code to take the StrengthsQuest assessment. After taking the assessment, a trained staff member can discuss your result with you.

Group/Class Requests for StrengthsQuest:
StrengthsQuest has a cost of $10 per person. A Strengths Team member will follow up with you to discuss group payment and process for your group/class.