Posted on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Team Challenge Program Request

If you are interested in less time, please fill out the form below and a facilitator will meet with you to help you develop and facilitate your own brief program. We try to accommodate groups to the best of our ability. As much information you can provide on your group, helps us design the best program for you. Although there are preferences to running a Team Challenge Program, we are willing to accommodate groups to the best of our ability.

DIRECTIONS: Please fill out as completely as possible to better assist us in providing an excellent program for your team!Please allow2-3 weeks planning time for effective facilitation. Team Challenge sessions must be at least1 hour in length.

In order to accommodate your schedule, please provide 3 options for date/time of the Team Challenge. When we have a facilitator scheduled, we will confirm the date and time with you.

You are responsible for providing a location for the Team Challenge. Ideal locations are large spaces with minimal/no seating, tables, etc. To make a reservation for a room in Maucker Union, visit Outdoor spaces are also an option, provided the weather is appropriate.
How much time have you allotted for this program? Some groups like to meet just with their groups before or after the team building activity. Knowing what amount of time is scheduled just for the team building activities allows us to customize your program better. Please schedule programs to be at least 1 hour in length.
Students/Faculty/Staff/Academic Class, etc? Also, are there members of the group that are new?
What are the outcomes for the group from the team building activities?
Please indicate anything that will help us understand any special needs within your group. This allows us to better customize a program for you. If the information is available, special needs includes knowing that there is a participant who: recently had surgery, pregnancy, crutches, wheelchair, etc.