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FSL - Fraternity Recruitment

Fraternity Recruitment

Fall Fraternity Recruitment is coming soon. In this period IFC will be coordinating Fraternity Information Tables around campus where interested men can meet all the chapters on campus.  Each fraternity will have a wide variety of events for you to meet chapter members and find out more about each organization.  If you have any questions please email us at 
Check us out on: Facebook   -   Twitter (UNI Fraternity & Sorority Life)     -     UNI Fraternity Life 

Why consider Fraternity Life?

Benefits of Fraternity Life

High overall GPA - Study tables/hours programs - Scholarship opportunities - Academic support system

Leadership: Many Fraternity men are leaders in other student orgs - 6 of last 8 NISG Presidents were Fraternity men - CATS, SAA, RHA, Hall Senates all have Fraternity presence and/or leaders

Family on campus - Networking opportunities - Immediately have social support - Brothers for life (Lifetime member) - Support of national organization and alumni

Over 4,000 hours volunteered - Over $25,000 raised - Each chapter hosts annual philanthropy - Every member participates in other chapter/ campus philanthropies in large numbers