Name: Rachel Kuhn
Major: Health Promotion
Position: Co-President
Favorite thing about CAB: My favorite things about CAB are all of the amazing people I have
meet and the awesome events we put on.
Name: Megan Guldenpfennig
Major: Public Relations
Position: Co-President
Favorite thing about CAB: My favorite
thing about CAB are getting hands on experience 
with event planning, seeing the executiveteam work together, and
the reward of bringing the UNI community together through our work. 


Name: Andrea Pingel
Major: English
Position: Secretary
Favorite thing about CAB: It it feels like being part of a family.
Name: Chelsea Spear
Major: Public Relations, Marketing minor
Position: Spotlight Exec. 
Favorite thing about CAB: It's a great way to get hands on
experience with event planning. It's also very rewarding
to see our committees hard work pay off when students
are enjoying themselves at the events planned.
Name: Mackenzi Brophy
Major: Electronic Media
Position: Entertainment Executive
Favorite thing about CAB: The food we have at the events.
Name: Mallory Duggan
Major: Communications
Position: Publicity Executive
Favorite part about CAB: I love meeting
awesome people and seeing the end
results of the events and how well the
committees pulled them off!
Name: Katlyne Schweig
Major: Elementary Education
Position: Homecoming
Favorite thing about CAB: All the wonderful people
involved and the smiles we bring to the students' faces.
Name: Nicole Nesset
Major: Communication
Position: Homecoming Executive
Favorite thing about CAB: Getting to be so involved and helping
to make people happy
Name: Morgan Schutterle
Major: Graphic Technologies
Position: Film Executive
Favorite thing about CAB: Meeting new people
Name: Zane Phillips
Major: Interactive Digital Studies
Position: Concert Executive
Favorite thing about CAB: Working with all CAB members
& the experience


Name: Alyssa Jones
Major: Communication
Position: Speaker Executive
Favorite thing about CAB: Working with CAB members,
University Staff, and students to plan and run
great events for everyone.
Name: Michelle Czarnecki
Major: Postsecondary Education: Student Affairs
Position: Graduate Assistant Advisor
Favorite thing about CAB: Highly motivated student leaders and power claps