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Posted on Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Outstanding New Member Education Program

Purpose: To prepare new members for a rich and fruitful life as a member of the fraternity/sorority community as well as to advise them of all relevant federal, state, local, and university laws and by-laws.

Award Criteria:

1. Chapter should maintain an active mentoring program.      

2. Must initiate 85 % of those pledged/associated within the last two semesters.

3. Submit pledge/assoc/new member education outline for the last two semesters.

4.  The following questions should also be addressed: 

  • Why did your chapter choose this educational program?
  • How did your new members/associates/pledges benefit from this program?
  • What type of effect did the program have on your chapter?
  • Why is this program deserving of the title of Outstanding New Membership Education Program?