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Posted on Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Outstanding Community Service


To actively serve the UNI community, surrounding Cedar Valley community, and organizations both nationally and abroad.

Award Criteria:

Please provide detailed information below regarding your chapter’s community service programs implemented during the last two semesters.

1. Name at least one project facilitated by other community or campus groups that had significant chapter involvement.

2. Provide any documentation or supportive information relative to the event including: a breakdown of total hands-on hours donated, hours per member donated, description of the events and percentage of members that participated. 
Note: if you would like to highlight a chapter-driven community service program, you may do that instead. Please be clear which you are doing. 

4. The following questions should also be addressed: 

  • What way did the service benefit the campus and/or the community?
  • Why did your chapter choose this community service?
  • How did your chapter benefit from the service?
  • Explain why your chapter is deserving of the title Outstanding Community Service?