Contact Information

Michelle Czarnecki
Greek Week Advisor
(319) 273-2683

Student Involvement Center
(319) 273-2683

Greek Week 2015

Thanks to all who participated in Greek Week 2014: Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Greek Life! Your participation made the event wildly successful.

It is time to select the new Greek Week Co-Chairs! If you are interested in applying to be the head of Greek Week 2015 (theme TBD), please download an application and turn it in to the Student Involvement Center no later than 5pm on Monday April 28th, 2014.

Download the Greek Week 2015 Co-Chair application **HERE** 

 Day Leader Position Descriptions:

Family Feud:

Duties: Prepare and hold Family Feud event
Preparation: Reserving desired room (time and date), preparing game software (google doc, ppt, etc.), obtain all required materials for show, and structure event.
Materials needed: Reserved room (University Room @ Union), Buzzers, Computer with game show software. Everything else should be provided in room set-up.
Time: Bi-weekly meetings and 5-10 hours outside of meeting.
Need to work well with counterpart and communication is key.

This position is in charge of putting on the Greek Week Cook Off, which is the kick off day of Greek Week. In this position you are in charge of finding and renting a location for the event. You also will be in charge of creating the rules for the event as well as the banner competition rules. You will check the chapter's cook off (or whatever you choose) food before the event and host the Cook Off as well as announce the chapter's banners at this event.