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FSL - Fraternity Recruitment

Fraternity Recruitment
August 25 - September 5

Fall Fraternity Recruitment is August 25-September 5. In this period IFC will be coordinating Fraternity Information Tables around campus where interested men can meet all the chapters on campus.  Each fraternity will have a wide variety of events for you to meet chapter members and find out more about each organization.  If you have any questions please email us at 
Check us out on: Facebook   -   Twitter (UNI Fraternity & Sorority Life)     -     UNI Fraternity Life 

Why consider Fraternity Life?

Benefits of Fraternity Life

High overall GPA - Study tables/hours programs - Scholarship opportunities - Academic support system

Leadership: Many Fraternity men are leaders in other student orgs - 6 of last 8 NISG Presidents were Fraternity men - CATS, SAA, RHA, Hall Senates all have Fraternity presence and/or leaders

Family on campus - Networking opportunities - Immediately have social support - Brothers for life (Lifetime member) - Support of national organization and alumni

Over 4,000 hours volunteered - Over $25,000 raised - Each chapter hosts annual philanthropy - Every member participates in other chapter/ campus philanthropies in large numbers