Name:               Umaru

Classification:   Junior

Major:              Political Science

Hometown:      Bissau, Guinea-Bissau


Why did you decide to attend college in the United States? And why did you choose UNI?

I was looking for a school from where I can get a degree that is internationally recognized, so I decided to apply for the USA and a friend told me that Iowa (UNI) is the right place for a student.


What do you like the most about UNI?

I like the size of the campus and classes, as well as the availability of all necessary services.


Do you participate in any on-campus organizations or activities?

Yes, at the moment I am the president of the African Union, which has a variety of cultural, educational and social activities throughout the year. I am also a member of the International Students Promoters (ISP), which brings a lot of diversity on campus.


Do you work on campus?

Yes, I work at the Center for Multicultural Education (CME)


What is your favorite spot on campus?

The Wellness Recreation Center (WRC), and the Rod Library


What have you done to help make UNI your home away from home?

I first joined different student groups on campus and made many friends from different cultural backgrounds.


What is the one thing you would tell a new or prospective international student about attending a college in the United States?

About the whole USA I am not sure, but one place I am sure about is UNI – IOWA. This is a great place and yet the best for a student. In order to be able to focus and be successful as a student you need a quiet place where you can feel safe and at home, a place where all people are for the same goal as yours, that place is UNI.


How has your academic experience been? My academic experience has been very good with the help of friends, faculty members and professors.


How did you determine your major… i.e. did you take a class, consult with UNI programs, inspired by someone or something?

I consulted with a faculty member who helped me a lot by giving so much of his time to help me chose a major that fits my goal for future.


Tell us about any great classes or professors that have helped, inspired or challenged you with determining your career path.

As a political Science major, my adviser helped and still helps me a lot with that and whenever I am confused about something he is ready to help and guide me through.


Complete this sentence: At UNI, I am… ?

I am having a lot of fun, focusing on getting my degree and gaining experience in my field.