ISP Participates in 2012 International Education Week

ISP understands the importance of multicultural education nowadays. For this reason the International Student Promoters invite you to participate with us in the 2012 International Education Week . 

International Education Week Schedule

Monday, Nov. 12, 7PM-9PM

Himalaya (L'Enfance d'un Chef) : Film showing hosted by the International Student Promoters (Maucker Union Oak Room)

Wednesday, Nov. 12, 10AM-2PM 

Information table - International Student Promoters (visit this table and international students will write your name in other languages!)

Thursday, Nov. 13, 7PM – 8:30PM 

Wellness Recreation Center (WRC) Day hosted by International Student Promoters: Traditional games and refreshments (Meet at Lap Pool Balcony in the Wellness Recreation Center)

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