Field Report Nepal

Parash Upreti and Tenzing Bajracharya are ISP members and UNI current students. They visited a Highschool in their home country, Nepal, over the winter break in other to talk about UNI with high schoolers. This is the field report that Parash wrote. Enjoy Reading!

Field Report of December 26th 2012

Report Date: January 18, 2013

Presented by: Parash Upreti, Student Admissions Assistant- International Admissions, President- ISP

Presented to: Kristi Marchesani, Assistant Director- International Admissions, Adviser- ISP

Tenzing Bajracharya and I, Parash Upreti visited Little Angel’s College for Higher Studies on December 26, 2012 for recruitment and public outreach purposes. We had our ISP Polos on and had carried information materials about UNI for them as well. Our presentation started at 1 PM NST and we wrapped out our session Q&A at around 2:30PM.

We started the session with the traditional PowerPoint presentation, talked through everything that were on the slides, answered their curiosities along the way and ended the presentation with the picture slideshows. After that we opened for questions regarding the University of Northern Iowa. We became more and more excited as the volume of questions began to increase. We also gave out UNI

souvenirs like pennants, t-shirt, magnetic photo frames, etc. After the official session ended, students flocked around us like sheep to ask us their personal questions. It was no surprise that there were lots of questions regarding scholarships. Also, since they were A-Level students and had some idea that their credits would transfer they were interested how it was done. Tenzing was soon busy with talking to a bigger group. It did not take long for me to realize that they were interested in Computer Science as it was his major. The other fields of interest were engineering (physics), biology, accounting and business.

There were around 25 students and we were lucky to collect 15 students’ information; three had already applied to UNI. I was an enriching experience for me to be able to present about UNI to a group of potential students. This visit was a big part of my vacation.

After the session, I was also able to talk to the High School Counselor. We talked about the paperwork we require from them in order to complete the admission process and future partnership in any way possible. I handed her the University of Northern Iowa brochures and business cards. She said that it was the first time that had a major US university visit them and asked if more arrangements could be made. Bipin Bhandari, an UNI applicant and current intern there, was a major help in securing the appointment and hosting the session.

Some of the challenges I faced was getting a time that would work for both us and them due to personal circumstances. I would also acknowledge that there was less planning on my side and I learned a lesson there. The attendees were only A- level students even though +2 students could have been targeted too. And finally, our session was after the lunch break by when some of the students had already left for home. The other school I had planned to visit was GEMS Institute for Higher Education but was not possible due to technical problems. But I send the counselor in that school our information materials through a current student there. I hope to keep a close contact with her in future too. It was a great experience for me and I hope to get such opportunities in coming days.