The International Student Promoters (ISP) is a group of highly motivated students with international educational interest, who seek to promote UNI to prospective international students around the world.

Its purpose is:

  • Establish contact with prospective international student via email, social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, digital video conferences, as well as through postal mail.
  • Congratulate international students who have been admitted to UNI or have already made arrangements to come to UNI as an exchange student and assist them in making their transition to UNI as smooth as possible.
  • Answer any questions prospective international students may have through the channels of conversation established.
  • Conduct campus tours.
  • Participate in Panther Push to promote UNI to students in their high schools at home.
  • Present the campus life as a UNI student from their first-hand experience.
  • Contribute to making UNI a community exceptionally helpful and welcoming to international students.
  • Conduct all the activities described above with enthusiasm, pride and diverse cultural outlook.