Tornado Safety

A tornado is a storm with very high winds that form a funnel cloud.  These clouds can form rapidly and do great damage in a very short time.  Such conditions tend to develop in late spring and summer.

EMERGENCY ACTION: Seek an area of safety on the lowest floors or basement away from windows. 

1. Tornado or Severe Weather Watch: 
a. Conditions are right for a tornado or severe weather. 
b. Staff should be alert to weather conditions. 
c. Alert siren is not sounded. 

2. Tornado or Severe Weather Warning: 
a. A tornado or severe weather is sighted or indicated on the weather radar. 
b. Alert siren located on Baker Hall will sound a steady tone, three-minute blast for severe weather warnings. 
c. When the siren sounds, remain calm. 
d. Proceed quickly and safely to an area of safety.  No one should leave the building: 
• Areas of safety – rooms and corridors on the lowest floor or basement  in the innermost part of the building. 
• Areas to avoid – stay clear of windows, corridors with windows or large freestanding expanses. 
e. Assist physically challenged and disabled persons during weather related emergencies. 
f. Stay in the safe area until the severe conditions pass or an “all clear” message has been transmitted over the emergency broadcast system or local radio/television stations. 
g. After the tornado/severe weather has passed, evaluate the situation and if emergency help is needed, call Public Safety at 273-4000. 
h. Be aware of dangerous structural conditions and down power lines. Report damaged facilities to the Physical Plant at 273-4400. 
i. Be alert for fires, gas leaks and/or power failures. 
There is no guaranteed safe area during tornado/severe weather.  However, it is important to seek immediate shelter in the best location possible to minimize your exposure to injury.