Student Organizations

So now that you are at UNI! With more than 200 student clubs and organizations, there are lots of opportunities to get involved on campus. These groups range from pre-professional organizations and honor societies to intramural sports and religious organizations. They offer not only fun and social opportunities, but also chances to develop leadership and teamwork skills that will be attractive to employers. You may be a little overwhelmed with the number of student organizations that exist on campus. So where do you start? Right here… and right now! It is important to get involved early at UNI as it helps to lay the foundation for a successful future after college. Please visit for complete information of all organizations, and a useful list of student organizations by major.

International Student Association (ISA)
This cultural and social club for international and American students is an opportunity to share cultural experiences and learn from others. ISA is an organization devoted to developing an atmosphere of understanding and friendship between people from different countries. Members build bridges between cultures, languages, ideologies, and creeds. They strive to work at heightening awareness and promoting understanding of other cultures on the UNI campus and surrounding community. The association plans many social events throughout the school year including picnics, movie nights, and other fun activities. ISA also helps sponsor programs on diversity and participates in campus and community service. To become an ISA member, simply email and you will be added to receive their weekly emails. No membership fees involved!

International Student Promoters (ISP)
This is a group of students with international educational interest, who seek to promote UNI to prospective international students around the world. The group is affiliated with the UNI Admissions Office and works in conjunction with the international admissions staff to directly increase the enrollment of international students on campus. ISP members communicate with international prospective students, answer questions and facilitate the international admissions process. Occasionally, ISP members assist the admissions office by giving campus tours to international visitors and students.  To get involved, please e-mail to

Many more ethnic-cultural (Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Saudi Student Club, Turkish Students Association), language (French Club, German Club, Russian Club) religious (Catholic Student Association, Muslim Student Association, Wesley Foundation) student organizations exist at UNI!  Learn more at