Roommate Cooperation

Cooperation with your roommate can foster a friendship and alleviate potential problems.  Open, honest, and frequent communication between roommates is critical.  You can start by getting to know each other's background, attitudes, habits, and moods so you know what to expect of each other.

You may start by asking each other some of these questions:

Where are you from?  What is your major? What are your hobbies?  What do you like and dislike?
How should we set up our room?
At what temperature do you prefer to keep our room?
How clean do you prefer to keep our room?  Should we take turns cleaning it? 
Is it OK to borrow certain items?  What are the conditions?
Should we keep food in the room?  If so, do we share food?
What time do you go to bed and get up? Are you a heavy or a light sleeper?
Do you study in the room?  If so, when and how quiet do you need the room to be?
What about visitors?  How often do they stop by and how late do they stay? 

Do not hesitate to talk to your Resident Assistants (RA's)!  An RA is a Department of Residence staff member whose responsibility is to serve as a student advisor to between 30 and 60 students in a University residence hall.  As an advisor, the RA provides assistance to the individuals with personal, interpersonal, and academic concerns, and is instrumental in assisting the house units to become cohesive living and learning groups.