Hospitals/Medical Care

Cedar Falls

Convenient Care - Cedar Falls 575-5800 226 Bluebell Rd
Sartori Memorial Hospital 268-3000 515 College Street (includes emergency room)
Urgent Care at Prairie Medical Park 553-0828 4612 Prairie Parkway


Allen Memorial Hospital 235-3941 1825 Logan Ave (includes emergency room)
Convenient Care - Waterloo 272-7425 2710 St Francis Dr 
Covenant Medical Center 272-8000 3421 West 9th St (includes emergency room)
Urgent Care Center at United Medical Park 833-5888 1753 Ridgeway Ave 

Ask-a-Nurse 800-593-1414
Call with any medical questions. Treatment recommendations or a referral will be made over the phone.
Nurse on Call 272-2600
Provides information and referral to appropriate services if necessary. 


Transportation Options for International Students to Area Hospitals or Medical Facilities

International students needing transportation to scheduled off-campus medical appointments have the following options:   

1.  Transportation from a trusted friend, roommate, or host family member.
2.  Transportation to Covenant Hospital appointments.
     - Free transportation provided by Covenant's "Caravan".
     Call in advance to schedule:  319-272-5895.
3.  Transportation to other local medical facilities. (Sartori, Allen, or Cedar Valley Medical Specialists)
     - Taxi (must call to schedule and patient is responsible for the fare)
     - Bus (check bus schedules in advance)
     Allen Hospital - Route 3 East - Green
     Sartori Hospital - Route 9 Cedar Falls Loop - Purple
     Cedar Valley Medical Specialists - Route 1 West - Blue
4.  Transportation by staff of International Students and Scholars Office
     - Limited to students unable to take public transportation due to physical limitation or per medical provider recommendation.
     - Call one business day prior to appointment:  319-273-6421.
5.  Transportation to medical appointments outside of Cedar Falls/Waterloo area.
     - Student must arrange own transportation.
6.  Transportation due to medical emergency
     - Ambulance transport.
     - Cost of ambulance transport will be submitted to student's health insurance.




Links to websites and telephone numbers are provided for informational purposes only and are not an endorsement by the International Students and Scholars Office.