Communication/Cell Phones

Phone Services

AT&T 800-222-0300
CampusSIMS                                                                                                                                                            Communications Fidelity 800-219-6993
McLeod USA 800-909-5161
CenturyLink 877-932-3887 
Zaptel 877-LDCARDS

Prepaid International Phone Cards

Kwik Star 277-7226 2019 College St
Wal-Mart Supercenter 277-6391 525 Brandilynn Blvd 

Postal Services
Copyworks 266-2306 2227 College St
Federal Express 800-463-3339
Hy-Vee 266-7535 6301 University Ave 
United States Postal Service 266-4734 221 W 6th St
United States Postal Service 275-8777 300 Sycamore St Waterloo
University Book & Supply 266-7581 1009 W 23rd St 
United Parcel Service 268-1705 6820 University Ave

Copies, Fax, Lamination, etc

Copyworks 266-2306 2227 College St
Staples 232-3700 1542 Flammang Dr Waterloo


Cedar Falls Times 277-0536 315 Main St
Northern Iowan 273-2157 Maucker Union
Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier 291-1498 501 Commercial St Waterloo

Cellular/Wireless/Mobile Phones

You may sign up for a plan with the cell phone provider or purchase a pre-paid cell phone.  Some providers require a social security number.  Often, the second option is more expensive; however, the first option requires you to sign a 1-year or a 2-year contract.  When choosing a plan, consider the following:
- does the company charge for both outgoing and incoming phone calls?
- does the company offer free night and weekend minutes?
- is there additional charge for both outgoing and incoming text messgaes?
- does the company offer a special international calling plan?
- can you sign a contract without a social security number?
- can you use the phone you brought from your home country? 
Sim cards in the U.S. work differently than in other parts of the world; please, make sure to check with each individual cell phone provider.  

Cell Phone Providers

AT&T 800-222-0300 (can use own unlocked phone brought from abroad) 
I Wireless 277-8249 5925 University Ave #3 277-8249  (it is often possible to use hardware from your home country with new sim cards they provide)
Qwest Wireless 800-244-1111 (can use own unlocked phone brought from abroad)
Sprint 277-0900 6301 University Ave
Verizon Wireless 236-0400 2060 Crossroads Blvd Ste 3507 Waterloo
US Cellular 266-2500 6301 University Ave 

Pre-paid Cell Phones

Hy-Vee 266-7535 6301 University Ave 
Target Store 553-1120 214 Viking Plaza Rd 
Walmart Supercenter 277-6391 525 Brandilynn Blvd


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