Panther Shuttle

Panther Shuttle (free student and staff bus service between UNI campus and major off campus concentrations of students) 


SafeRide (free weekend transportation between College Hill and Main Street)


Jefferson Lines 266-7581 1009 W 23rd St
Metropolitan Transit Authority (MET) 234-5714 1515 Black Hawk Rd Waterloo

It is important to note that even though public transportation is inexpensive, it might be not as frequent or convenient as in major U.S. cities or overseas. 

Car Rental

To rent a vehicle, you must be at least 21 years of age, have a current Iowa or International driver's license, and have a major credit card.

Avis Rent-A-Car 233-0569 2790 Airport Blvd Waterloo
Dan Deery Rental and Leasing 277-1148 7404 University Ave 
Enterprise Rent-A-Car 266-8600 4728 University Ave
Hertz Rent-A-Car 277-3552 4807 University Ave 


Cab Yellow Inc 234-3535 110 W 14th St Waterloo
City Cab 234-2587
Dolly's Taxi 242-2011 or 242-2952 401 Main St
First Call Taxi 233-8294
Loop Taxi & Transportation  961-6691 121 Webster St Waterloo

Owning and Operating a Car

Department of Motor Vehicles (driver's license and vehicle registration) 2060 Crossroads Blvd 235-0902
Iowa Department of Transportation 515-239-1101

Iowa Driver's License is not required for international students who have a valid license from their country, but it is recommended that you obtain an Iowa Driver’s license if you will drive on a regular basis. A State ID can be obtained from the Iowa Driver’s License Center in the Crossroads Shopping Center, Waterloo. Documents needed for a license are: 1) Passport (with visa if required), 2) Electronic I-94 printout obtained from, 3) Original I-20 or DS-2019 form, 4) Social Security Card (if you are eligible for one) and 5) Two pieces of evidence you reside in Iowa.  A list of examples can be found at The Department of Transportation station does not accept credit or debit cards, only cash and checks.  You may download Iowa Driver’s Manual at, or use the hard copy provided in your welcome bag. The first step is to take a written test covering Iowa road regulations found in the Iowa Driver’s Manual, which can be obtained at the Crossroad’s location. After passing this test, a driving test must be successfully completed. You will need to find somebody who takes you there and will be willing to lend you his/her car in order to pass the driving test. Finally, you must pass a vision test before receiving your license.

Vehicle registration is required and can be purchased at the Iowa Vehicle Registration Center in the Crossroads Shopping Center.  

Buying a car from an independent individual could often be cheaper than buying once from the car dealership (store). However, there is no warranty on the car at the time of purchase. To purchase from an individual, look for good bargains advertised in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier and the HomeTowner or check the following websites: 

More info to consider: - choose a car by model and make and find out options nearby - learn about the different values a car may have - read other users’ experiences with specific cars and models - check on the VIN number of a car that will tell you all about a car’s previous mechanic history and ownership - read experts’ rating on cars, and other items such as electronic devices. 

Car Dealers (Stores)

Bill Colwell Ford Inc 988-4153 238 Waterloo Rd, Hudson 
Community II 273-8700 7000 University Ave
Community Chevrolet-Buick-Cadillac 277-5010 4521 University Ave 
Dan Deery Lincoln-Mercury 277-6200 6823 University Ave
Dan Deery Toyota 277-4500 7404 University Ave
Dan Deery Truck Center 266-5500 2704 Main St
Witham Auto Center 277-8123 2728 S Main St
Holdiman Motors 277-1210 4325 University Ave
Rydell Chevrolet 866-749-5112 1325 E San Marnan Dr Waterloo 

Car Insurance

Iowa law requires that all car owners have car insurance.
These companies require that you must have or be getting an Iowa Driver’s License:
Allied Insurance 277-4162 3903 Heritage Rd
State Farm Insurance - Sandy Benak 277-6435 2103 Main St
These companies accept your international license with an additional charge:
American Family Insuarnce 277-2056 114 W 4th St
Pedersen Dowie Clabby and McCausland 234-8888 3927 University Ave Waterloo
These companies will allow you to purchase insurance over the phone, a packet will be mailed to you later on with the type insurance:

Car Maintenance/Repair

Corner Lube 277-1792 106 Iowa St
Firestone Complete Auto Care Store 234-7743 517 W 4th St Waterloo
Jiffy Lube 277-0600 5215 University Ave
Midas Auto Service Experts 268-0167 4810 University Ave
Schuerman's Auto Repair 277-5343 1505 W 1st St
Smitty's Tire & Appliance 877-225-6580 6912 University Ave
Tandem Tire & Auto Service Inc 268-0438 122 W 1st St
Tuffy Auto Service Center 277-0405 2322 Main St


Links to websites and telephone numbers are provided for informational purposes only and are not an endorsement by the International Students and Scholars Office.