About ISSO

The International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) provides services to:

- international students including orientation, immigration advising, personal advising and counseling, special programs and activities, among others;
- international scholars including visa securement;
- UNI faculty and staff traveling abroad on University business including visa services, travel safety, and travel health advice. 


Each semester, the International Students and Scholars Office provides mandatory orientation for new international students. This program provides important information about UNI, campus resources and issues concerning international students, enables students to register for classes, among other things.  You can view upcoming orientation schedule by clicking on Orientation under Prospective Students.

Immigration Advising

Immigration and Visa Coordinator assists international students and scholars with individual immigration questions and paperwork.  In addition, coordinator provides visa services, travel safety, and travel health advice to UNI faculty and staff traveling abroad on University business.  More about immigration.

Personal Advising and Counseling

International Student Advisor offers support for students who need assistance with personal matters as they adjust to the new campus environment. If advisor is unable to assist you, she will refer you to the appropriate resource on campus.

Programs and Activities

International Student Advisor organizes social and cultural events throughout the year to bring students together and provide new experiences. These include lunch and learn workshops, trips, ethnic food celebrations, graduation and farewell receptions, among others. More about programs and activities.

International Friendship Program

International students who would like an opportunity to get to know an American family may participate in this community based program which matches students with volunteer community families.  More about the program.

Our International Student Population

You may find out here how many students from which countries attended UNI in a certain year.

Interfaith Calendar

This calendar contains select major religious holidays of major world religions. This list of holidays is not exhaustive, rather it's meant to alert University community of special occasions that may not be typically represented in the United States. Feel free to utilize this calendar to be aware of special occurrences of your students. Please be aware that a student may be absent or unable to do something on a certain day based upon a religious holiday.  Two versions of this academic year calendar can be found here and here