University of Northern Iowa

Meskwaki Engagement

The Meskwaki Engagement Coordinating Council has been charged with coordinating UNI’s engagement with the Meskwaki.  There are many faculty, colleges, and departments engaging with the Meskwaki and it is important that the University knows what people are doing and ensures that our activities are in compliance with Meskwaki Tribal Council wishes.  The Council meets once a semester and produces a report of activities for the Provost.

Meskwaki Engagement Coordinating Council

Associate Provost Craig Klafter,, Chairman

Professor Dwight Watson, Dean, College of Education

Professor Kavita Dhanwada,, Associate Dean, College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences

Professor Anne Woodrick,, Anthropology

Marilyn Drury,, Director, ITS Educational Technology

Current Engagements with the Sac and Fox Tribe of the Mississippi


Carlin Hageman, Communication Sciences and Disorders, is working with the Meskwaki Settlement School speech pathologist to help address issues that are impairing the ability of Meskwaki children to learn the Meskwaki language.

Continuing Studies has offered an on-line Financial Literacy course developed by a faculty member in CSBS to the Meskwaki Settlement School.

ITS-Educational Technology has completed a technology assessment of Meskwaki culture teachers, and has put forward a proposal for training those teachers.

CIEP teachers have provided mentorship and assistance to Meskwaki culture teachers.

OIP has been working with the Meskwaki Language Department to put on the Meskwaki Language Symposium, to provide from Taiwan storybook templates and assessment tools, and to loan them Flip video cameras to video native speakers.  

OIP has worked with the Historic Preservation Department.