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International Education Week: November 11-14

This year’s International Education Week, which runs from November 11-14, will bring all who participate on a tour of four regions of the world:  South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Asia. 

“Japanese Religion: A View from the Streets of Tokyo”

Do you have plans to travel to or work  in Japan or elsewhere in East Asia (e.g., Taiwan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore)?  Will you be  teaching or learning in Japan or another East Asian country?  If so, an upcoming lecture is a wonderful opportunity. 

Diplomat Series : Peter Jahr

The speaker at the fifth installment at the UNI Diplomat Series to be held on October 29, 2013 from 5:30 to 6:30 in Lang Auditorium will be Dr. Peter Jahr MEP.  Dr. Jahr was elected on the Christian Democratic ticket and sits with the European People's Party group in the European Parliament.  He is a member of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, the Committee on Petitions, the Delegation to the EU-Armenia, EU-Azerbaijan and EU-Georgia Parliamentary Cooperation Committees and the Delegation to the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly.

Invite a Visiting Fulbright Scholar as an Occasional Lecturer!

2013/14 Fulbright Scholar List is now available at You may view both U.S. and Visiting (non-U.S. scholars). If you are interested in inviting a scholar to UNI as an Occasional Lecturer, please be aware that UNI has to partner with a Minority Serving Institution or Community College to arrange such a visit. For more information or help, please contact <>

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