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In today’s world of globalization, internationalization of campus became a must. We can introduce the University of Northern Iowa community to the world via our faculty travel. UNI faculty can teach, conduct research, attend professional conferences, and volunteer abroad. Please find some helpful resources: Helpful Links ->

Resources at UNI

List of members of the UNI community who have lived or traveled abroad and who have volunteered to share their knowledge with the UNI community as it develops and/or expands its global reach. Link to Resources at UNI ->

Professional Interest Database - Click here to search for faculty & staff interests and expertise by country or geographical location.

Process for Formally Inviting International Visitors contains step-by-step procedures that a department interested in hosting an international visitor should follow.  


International scholars are warmly welcomed by the University of Northern Iowa, a student-centered liberal arts institution that emphasizes excellent instruction. More than 850 outstanding faculty from 14 countries are dedicated to the success of UNI students. We are a medium-sized university with a small college atmosphere, and our facilities are second to none. Whether you are thinking about teaching or doing research at UNI or you have already arrived, please find some helpful resources: Helpful Links ->