University of Northern Iowa

Domestic Faculty - Helpful Links

UNI College of Business Administration International Opportunities

  • College of Business Administration works aggressively to insure students and faculty are exposed to international business and culture; in the dynamic global economy, individuals need access to resources providing a broader understanding of the world.

UNI Export Control

UNI Overseas Placement Service for Educators

  • Overseas Placement Service for Educators connects international K-12 schools with certified educators year round; services offered include the UNI Overseas Recruiting Fair, credential and referral services, and related publications

UNI Study Abroad Center

  • Study Abroad Center provides news for faculty and staff, faculty application/new program proposal template, information for program directors and much more

Fulbright Scholar Program

UNI International Funding Opportunities Workshops

UNI International Funding Workshops are a joint initiative of the Office of International Programs and the Office of Sponsored Programs designed for UNI faculty and staff. International Funding Opportunities Workshop: overview of international travel opportunities; foreign sources of support for international research and collaborations; and US grants for international projects, research, and collaboration

Fulbright Scholars Program: grants for to lecture, conduct research or projects, perform, or to participate in seminars abroad

European Community Research Grants: grants for U.S. researchers as co-principal investigators with European scholars

United States Agency for International Development (USAID): grants for developing partnerships with countries with basis of sustained economic growth

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