University of Northern Iowa

Andrea Comini

Gavardo, Italy

Mr. Andrea Comini is from Gavardo, a village in Italy between the cities of Brescia and Verona, where, since 2006 he has worked in different capacities for several sport organizations and professional athletes. Mr. Comini has developed strong competencies both as a strength and conditioning coach and in athletes’ technical development through his extensive educational background, culminated in a Master of Arts in "Sport science and techniques" at the University of Verona. He has hands-on experience in planning yearly Strength and Conditioning programs for teams and individual athletes and personally leading training sessions. He is CSCS and NSCA-CPT certified.  Since last October Mr. Comini has joined the UNI's Sports and Conditioning program, under the supervision of Head Coach, Jed Smith and his Assistant Coach, Nick Davis.  Since joining UNI's Sports and Conditioning program, he has enjoyed learning and sharing different coaching methods.

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