University of Northern Iowa

September Fulbright Announcement

AY13-14 Fulbright Scholar Lists Available Beginning October 1
A listing of 2013-14 Core Fulbright Scholar Program recipients will be available on our website beginning Tuesday, October 1, 2013.  To view a list of grantees by institution, academic discipline, host country and state, please visit: . Please note that this listing will be updated on a weekly basis as we continue to receive grantee documents and notification from posts and commissions overseas.

Call for Submissions for the Fulbright Scholar Blog: Campus Spotlight
How is Fulbright celebrated on your campus? What do you do to let your faculty and administrators know about Fulbright Scholar Program opportunities? We hope you will share some of your great ideas and help us spread the word about best practices for internationalizing your campus through Fulbright.  Fulbright Scholar Blog posts should be 300-500 words.  Please indicate in your submission email that you give the Fulbright Scholar Program permission to edit and post your writing and photo(s) to,  Blog posts and questions should be submitted to Mandana Nakhai at