University of Northern Iowa

Japanese Language Education Grants

The Consulate General of Japan would like to remind you that deadlines are approaching for the Japan Foundation's Japanese language grants. 

Please follow the links below for detailed information and contact the Japan Foundation's LA office if you have any questions.



(Deadline 3/15, 9/15) Japanese Teaching Material Purchase Grant

This program is intended to assist educational institutions in the U.S. with the purchase of teaching materials (textbooks, audio-visual materials, dictionaries, teachers reference books, etc.) for their Japanese-language courses by providing financial support.


(Deadline 4/10) Salary Assistance Grant for Japanese Language Learners

This grant supports educational institutions or school districts in the U.S. that are facing temporary financial difficulties in either (1) starting up/launching a new Japanese program or (2) expanding or maintaining a current program. JFLA provides one-year grant support to supplement the instructor's salary.


(Deadline 3/1, 9/1) Japanese Language Learners Event Grant

This grant provides financial support for Japanese-language related events on the national/state/regional levels (speech contests, quiz contests, presentational events, etc.) that are intended to motivate a large number of Japanese-language learners in multiple schools featuring different educational levels (primary, secondary, college levels, and adults) and promote Japanese-language education in the area.