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2014 Winter Course on Human Rights and Asia

Human Rights Centre of Seoul National University, South Korea, is conducting 2014 Winter Course on Human Rights and Asia.  It will take place January 6-17, 2014 in Seoul, Korea, with the application deadline of Friday, 25 October 2013, 18:00 (Seoul Time).  The Course on Human Rights and Asia intends to allow participants to think about the universality of human rights in particular contexts of Asia and gain a comprehensive understanding about human rights issues in this region. This is a two-week intensive course taught by experts who have extensive experience of working in the fields of human rights, such as Professors Vitit Muntarbhorn, Virginia Dandan, Chinsung Chung, Dong-Choon Kim, Heisoo Shin, Suzannah Linton, and Hae Bong Shin. It offers both general sessions on the international human rights norms and human rights protection mechanism, and thematic sessions on contemporary issues and case studies in Asia. This course aims at fostering an interdisciplinary study of human rights in Asia.  The course is designed primarily for postgraduate students, researchers, professors, practitioners, and international and national civil servants from all countries of the world who demonstrate a high level of interest in human rights and Asia. Undergraduate students (third year or higher) who have experience in studying or working in human rights may also apply for the course. The course is taught in English. It is, therefore, essential that all participants understand and speak English fluently. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 40. 
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