University of Northern Iowa

2012-2013 UNI Fulbright Recipients

Bettina Fabos, Communication Studies; Kevin Finn, Health, Physical Education and Leisure Services; and Tammy Gregersen, Languages and Literatures, are 2012/2013 Fulbright recipients!  Please, join Office of International Programs in congratulating them on this outstanding honor!

Name: Bettina Fabos
UNI department: Communication Studies
Host institution:  Open Society Institute, Central European University
Country:  Hungary
Type of award: Research
Length: Five months (January-April 2013)
Project description: “Visualizing the Hungarian Kulak: An Interactive History” - researching in ten Hungarian-based photographic digital archives, and building an image-driven, publicly accessible multimedia visualization of 20th century Hungarian history; in doing so, exploring new forms of visual communication by placing historical narrative in an interactive digital environment.

Name: Kevin Finn
UNI department: Health, Physical Education and Leisure Services
Host institution: University of West Hungary
Country: Hungary
Type of award: Research
Length: Four months (September-December 2012)
Project description: Comparing the physical activity (PA) levels of inhabitants in the northwest region of Hungary grouped according to geographic location, to compare age-gender matched subjects in PA clustered according to national data in America, and to describe the relationships between fitness, PA, and body size in the study population.

Name: Tammy Gregersen
UNI department: Languages and Literatures
Host institution:  University of Santiago, Chile
Country: Chile
Type of award: Specialist
Length: Six weeks (July-August 2012)
Project description: Teaching a graduate course in Language Assessment, working on professional development for K12 teachers with the Ministry of Education, collaborating on curriculum for possible student exchanges, several sessions on writing for publication and a conference presentation on interdisciplinary research.