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News & Events

There are always interesting events taking place around the country.  Here we will highlight a few of particular interest to us.  Should you know of an event that you think we should highlight on our page, please email jsauer@clarke.edu, the graduate student who is maintaining this page. Remember to put 'Inclusion Website" in the subject line. Thank you! 

For additional news stories and events, consider exploring the websites on our Links page (click on "Links" in the left column.)



Spring Announcements

We are interested in hearing from you about news events you would like us to share.  We are presently working on a book and a proposal for TASH '07 in Seattle.

Congratulations Douglas Biklen! 

We would like to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Biklen's book Achieving the complete school: Strategies for effective mainstreaming, New York: Teacher's College Press.  Biklen's work on behalf on people with disabilities has made significant contributions to the understanding of individuals with disabilities.  His efforts have continued with his most recent book, “Autism and the Myth of the Person Alone” (2005, NYU Press).  To learn more about Dr. Biklen, click HERE.




Take note of National Inclusive Schools Week Dec.4-8.  Follow this link http://www.inclusiveschools.org/  for further information including a free kit you can use with schools in your neighborhood.


We certainly enjoyed this year's TASH Conference in Baltimore, where we joined colleagues and friends in sharing ideas and information.  Chris Kliewer presented with Janet Sauer about the Currents of Literacy (see our Home page) and with Paula Kluth about local understanding, literacy and the lives of children with significant disabilities.  Christi Kasa-Hendrickson was involved in presentations concerning legislative action to guarantee access to communication for all and calling for the end of the 'R' word.


August 14 -16  Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire, hosted the 8th Annual Autism Summer Institute in Durham, NH.  Our Project Director, Dr. Kliewer, presented, along with the following people:

  • Stephen Shore, M.A., author and Ph.D. candidate from Massachusetts
  • Larry Bissonnette, artist from Vermont and
  • Ros Blackburn, National/International speaker from England. 
  • August 22-26  The 8th World Down Syndrome Conference was held in Vancouver, BC.  There, our Project Director, Dr. Kliewer, presented his research on literacy and young children with disabilities in inclusive classrooms.


    See the June, 2006 AERJ and EEE issues!  Chris Kliewer co-authored a piece with Doug Biklen in the AERJ about access to literacy and Christi Kasa-Hendrickson co-authored a piece with Alicia Broderick in Equity & Excellence in Education (EEE) about issues related to emergent speech for users of Facilitated Communication (FC).  This most recent issue of EEE also includes an article co-authored by Doug Biklen and Jamie Burke, a user of FC.


    April 21-22 Syracuse University's FC Institute, Center on Human Policy, Law and Disability Studies is hosting Inclusion Imperative: a 2-day National Conference Honoring Diversity.  For more information, call (315)443-9379.  We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to participate in this invigorating conference! For any of you who may have missed it this year, plan on attending in 2008 and feel free to contact us directly for copies of our presentation.


    May 12-13, 2006: Portland Oregon. WHOLE SCHOOLING: Changing the World One School at a Time. The conference this year was co-sponsored with the Parkrose School District in Portland, a district working to implement the Six Principles of Whole Schooling. Our graduate assistants Jill McCarthy and Janet Sauer were in Portland to share how our research directs attention to the benefits children with significant disabilities bring to inclusive classrooms.

    May 18-21 Lansing, Michigan. Disability Studies and Inclusive Education: Negotiating Tensions and Integrating Research, Policy & Practice.  This year's DSE conference was a success!  Janet and Jill, our research assistants continued to share some of our research.  The 2007 conference will be held just prior to the AERA conference in Chicago.

    Throughout May and early June, TASH offered a series of Telephone Conferences on issues related to Facilitated Communication.  Co-Sponsored by The Autism National Committee.  Both Chris Kliewer and Christi Kasa-Hendrickson offered sessions.  You may be able to get tape-recorded copies of the presentations through TASH.

    Session 2:
    "I can read...I can read": What We Are Learning From the Literate Lives of
    FC Users
    Presenters: Paula Kluth and Chris Kliewer
    Date: Friday May 19, 2006
    Time: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Eastern   *Note: Different Start Time*

    Session 3:
    Breaking the Barriers: Facilitated Communication Users Speak Out
    Presenters: Sue Rubin, Jamie Burke, Tyler Fihe, Jim W, Larry Bissonnette and
    Christi Kasa-Hendrickson as the facilitator of the discussion.
    Date: Thursday, May 25, 2006
    Time:  1:00 pm - 2:30 pm Eastern


    July 17-21, 2006, Syracuse NY  The FC Institute is offering Creating Paths to Independence
    A week-long summer institute in Facilitated Communication. 
    Go to out "Links" page to learn more.


    This year's  TASH Convention will be in Baltimore in November 2006.  Proposals are no longer being accepted, but plan to attend.  Go to out "Links" page to learn more.



    February 15-17  PEAK Parent Center will host its annual conference on Inclusive Education.  This year's conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center, Denver, CO.  This past year's conference in January, 2006, included Susan Rubin and Christi Kasa-Hendrickson's presentation "Living and Thoroughly Enjoying Life with Autism: Forging New Understandings."  If you enjoyed their presentation and you would like further information, send Christi an email by clicking on her name at the bottom on this page.


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