Hydrology Lab

The hydrology lab was newly built in 2008 with a generous grant from the Iowa Carver Foundation to facilitate hydrology teaching and research of faculty and students at the University of Northern Iowa. The facility is a part of the Earth Science departmental curriculum and it is capable of supporting analytical needs of geology, earth science, biology and environmental science students in areas of water quality. The lab has state of the art equipment including a DX-120 Ion Chromatography System with AS40 Auto-sampler and a workstation equipped with Chromatography Management System (CMS) software called Chromeleon. The lab also has a Shimadzu RF-5301PC Fluorescence Spectrometer for dye tracing in groundwater and an Armfield S11 groundwater flow simulation system. Besides, the lab is equipped with the whole set of supporting instruments such as spectrophotometer, bench top centrifuge, incubator, filtration manifolds, computers, and pH/TDS/DO meters to support student and faculty research.