Water Monitoring Well Site

The monitoring well site has 2 metal cased deep wells (70 ft and 90 ft deep) and 8 shallow PVC wells. The deep wells tap into the carbonate bedrock and the shallow wells are installed at different depths (12 to 20 ft) within the alluvial deposits above the pre-illinoian till. The large pieces of equipment used in this site include the following: 1) Reel E-Z Portable Well Purging Pump System with 150 ft hose, 2) YSI 6600 V2 extended deployment probe to measure water quality parameters such as pH, TDS, Conductivity, DO, Temperature, Turbidity, and Chlorophyll, 3) OTT RLS Radar to measure water level fluctuations in the creek; 4) Hydrolab MS5 Mini-Sonde to continuously measure pH, TDS, Conductivity, DO, Temperature, Turbidity, and nitrate in the deep groundwater wells, and 5) DL 3000 Data logger to receive data from the above sensors in real time and upload them to a remote website for public viewing. The site has been further prepared to provide outdoor instructional facilities. Bleachers have been put to accommodate a class size of 25 students. A large-size shade has been installed to store field hydrologic equipment. Besides, a whole set of field instruments such as soil moisture probes, flow meters, groundwater level indicators, and suction lysimeters make this site an effective outdoor resource to conduct water quality projects.