Laboratory Facilities

The Exercise Physiology Laboratory, located in the new Wellness Recreation Center (WRC), was designed to integrate teaching and research. A grant from the National Science Foundation's Instrumentation and Laboratory Improvement program in 1992 assisted to create a unique laboratory configuration in which a metabolic measurement cart is networked to six computer workstations. Students can observe the software-generated graphics from any of the workstations during data collection, or later, call up previously collected data to re-analyze. Also, numerous software programs are available from the workstations as well as access to the Internet. Student research is encouraged for both undergraduate and graduate students, and the laboratory is used by not only students and faculty from the School of HPELS but also from other departments in a variety of research activities. Beside oxygen consumption, there also is instrumentation to measure blood glucose and lactate concentrations, EMG and ECG, body composition, a computerized measurement system for the Wingate test, and a UV/VIS spectrophotometer for chemical analyses.

The primary instrumentation in our laboratory includes:

Lab Director

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