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Featured State Alliances

This page features a rotating selection of materials, events, and activities that are available through our sister geographic alliances.  Don't worry!  We won't cancel your GAI membership for participating in other state alliances or incorporating their resources--in fact, we STRONGLY encourage it!


Washington Geoliteracy Alliance

The Geoliteracy Alliance in Washington is focused on Washington youth developing geoliteracy skills and knowledge through multiple opportunities to investigate and act on local issues and sharing their learning with different audiences. They are a learner-centered organization, which strives to connect geography and STEM in order to create strong geoliteracy to serve local and global sustainability. Their website provides multiple ways to get connected and involved!


Connecticut Geographic Alliance

A unique feature of the CGA is their wide range of programs and workshops. They provide programs and workshops directly through the CGA, such as “Family Geographic Challenge” and “Ties that Bind: Connecting New England and East Asia”, as well as non-CGA programs and items of interest. They include “GIS in the Classroom” (free training), and “Ten Ways to Give Your Students the World”. There is also information on grants educators and CGA members can apply for.


Arkansas Geographic Alliance

The Arkansas Geographic Alliance’s website is really well organized into topics. These include Climate and Warming, Funding, Geographic Literacy, Local vs. Global, and Politics and Geography. This allows teachers/members to easily find what they are looking for and an abundance of information on a topic in one place. They also provide recent news on the topics, to keep information up-to-date and relevant.


Geographic Educators of Nebraska 

Geographic Educators of Nebraska is a self-sustaining , empowering organization whose members promote geographic education for all Nebraskans. GEON is dedicated to helping students, parents, teachers, government agencies, and community members make sound decisions based on geographical knowledge. They provide various resources, as well as newsletters and community engagement. 


Arizona Geographic Alliance

Alliance created programs GeoLiteracy, GeoMath, and GeoHistory are used to increase student achievement on state-mandated tests and promote geographic education by linking every geography performance objective to tested associated standards. Practicing reading and writing skills, math skills, and history skills, and maximizing classroom instruction time are benefits to GeoLiteracy. Lessons of GeoLiteracy are research based, piloted with diverse populations, and based on standards.