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Featured State Alliances

This page features a rotating selection of materials, events, and activities that are available through our sister geographic alliances.  Don't worry!  We won't cancel your GAI membership for participating in other state alliances or incorporating their resources--in fact, we STRONGLY encourage it!


Geographic Alliance in Nevada (GAIN)

GAIN’s website has a strong focus on current events. It has an interesting National Geographic RSS Feed on their website that gives up-to-date news stories from National Geographic. This includes National Geographic photos, studies, and headlines. There is also a tab that leads to news items that pertain to the Geographic Alliance in Nevada specifically. 

To view both newsfeeds, click here.

Florida Geographic Alliance (FGA)

A unique feature of this alliance is their task groups. Members of the FGA can choose to be assigned to these task groups and given a discussion board on the website where each group can “meet” and discuss strategies pertaining to a specific topic. Task groups include: Partnership Action Planning, Education Standards Action Planning, and Alliance Regional Centers Action Planning. Non-members can also go to the website and view each task group’s action and activities.

To view FGA's task groups, click here

North Dakota Geographic Alliance

The NDGA provides a resource on its website called Geograms. Geograms are monthly highlights of new websites, informative articles, travel and grant proposal opportunities, schedules for professional development programs, and many items of interests concerning geography. Geograms are a great way for teachers, parents, and everyone curious about geography to keep up to date with geographic related information throughout North Dakota and the surrounding regions. 

To learn more about Geograms, and see examples, click here.

South Carolina Geographic Alliance (SCGA)

One interesting event that the South Carolina Geographic Alliance organizes is Geofest. Every spring and fall the SCGA hosts this professional development conference. A variety of groups are invited, including K-12 educators, pre-service teachers, college instructors, media specialists, and curriculum coordinators, as well as the public. Geofest offers content lessons presented by University of South Carolina geography faculty, standards-based teaching strategies for all levels of education, and session on using the SCGA’s teaching materials. 

To learn more about Geofest, click here.

Arizona Geographic Alliance

Alliance created programs GeoLiteracy, GeoMath, and GeoHistory are used to increase student achievement on state-mandated tests and promote geographic education by linking every geography performance objective to tested associated standards. Practicing reading and writing skills, math skills, and history skills, and maximizing classroom instruction time are benefits to GeoLiteracy. Lessons of GeoLiteracy are research based, piloted with diverse populations, and based on standards.