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Featured State Alliances

This page features a rotating selection of materials, events, and activities that are available through our sister geographic alliances.  Don't worry!  We won't cancel your GAI membership for participating in other state alliances or incorporating their resources--in fact, we STRONGLY encourage it!


Massachusetts Geographic Alliance (MGA)

The MGA provides a helpful list of “Teacher Consultants”, geography educators in the state who can be contacted for advice on effective geography teaching methods. These consultants are a select group of teachers who have participated in Geography Summer Institutes and received training in both geography content and geography teaching methods. Anyone with questions on K-12 geography education can go to them for anything geography education related.

 Click here to visit the MGA website.

District of Columbia Geographic Alliance (DCGA) 

 The District of Columbia Geographic Alliance is an organization of educators and citizens committed to the enhancement of geographic education in District of Columbia schools. The DCGA provides a multitude of geography resources for people to utilize. These include Careers in Geography, DC Public School Resources, Geography Awareness Week, Lesson Plans & Activities, and Mentoring. These resources are both textual and interactive, and can be used by students, parents, and teachers alike.

 Click here to view the resources provided by the DCGA.  

Wisconsin Geographic Alliance (WGA)

The Wisconsin Geographic Alliance (WIGA) is a statewide volunteer organization dedicated to preparing a geographically literate Wisconsin population. An interesting feature on the WGA’s website is their highly organized GEO-TECH menu. Here, one can find interactive online GIS, mapping, spatial, GPS, and geocaching tools.   Anything from Google Maps to creative curriculum integration can all be found in one easy location. With the push for technology usage in the classroom, the WGA provides educators with extremely helpful resources.

 Click here to visit the WGA website. 

Center for Geography Education in Oregon (C-GEO)

 One unique feature of the C-GEO is their encouragement of Family Geography Nights. Family Geography Nights are put on by a teacher or school in order to encourage families to come together, learn together, and get excited about geography. Various geography games, activities, and resources are available for students and families to participate in, all while building a stronger connection between family, school, learning, and geography.

Click here to view the C-GEO’s manual for hosting a Family Geography Night, including planning tips and activity examples.

Click here to visit the C-GEO’s website. 

Arizona Geographic Alliance

Alliance created programs GeoLiteracy, GeoMath, and GeoHistory are used to increase student achievement on state-mandated tests and promote geographic education by linking every geography performance objective to tested associated standards. Practicing reading and writing skills, math skills, and history skills, and maximizing classroom instruction time are benefits to GeoLiteracy. Lessons of GeoLiteracy are research based, piloted with diverse populations, and based on standards.

Click here to visit the Arizona Geographic Alliance website.